Anais Moczulski

Certified Athletic Therapist CAT (C)

Anais graduated from Sheridan College with an Honours Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences – Athletic Therapy degree in 2021 and is a Certified Athletic Therapist. She is a member in good standing with the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association and the Ontario Athletic Therapy Association.

Anais has experience treating individuals from all walks of life. Athletes trying to get back to their game, weekend warriors who want to be pain free while balancing work and activity, parents wanting to play with their kids, to individuals wanting to get through their everyday without pain. She understands that each person’s needs, and goals are different, and there is no one size fits all approach to your Athletic Therapy treatment.

Anais' goal for each session is to reduce your pain, improve your function, and have you leaving better than when you arrived. Anais’ treatment style involves a variety of manual therapy techniques (i.e., stretching techniques, trigger point and soft tissue release, joint mobilizations, neural gliding, joint compression, and traction, etc.) combined with individualized therapeutic exercise and home programs specific to your needs and goals. When needed, prophylactic and therapeutic taping and wrap techniques can be applied to get you through your activities between treatment sessions.

She loves working with fresher injuries and seeing the progress made with each session, but also finds great joy in providing relief and improvement in chronic conditions where previous interventions may have been unsuccessful. Anais aims to create an optimal environment for healing to occur. By providing active, hands-on care she seeks out the root cause and helps get you back to better than before.

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