Nikki Tugui

R.M.T., C.S.T., E.M.P., Reiki Master

Nikki is a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Sound Healer and Entrepreneur.

Nikki is a member of the CMTO and RMTAO in good standing.

She graduated from CCMH in 1998 and along with her partners Nancy and Susan have been passionate about providing a unique clinic environment that integrates traditional therapy with a holistic intuitive and caring approach.

Spanning 20+years of extensive experience in a clinical setting, her current focus includes: Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST), NISA (Fascial release therapy), Cupping, Therapeutic taping, Sound Healing and Energy Medicine.

Nikki’s life experiences and love of learning, lead her to seek greater connection and understanding of the human energy field and healing that encourages integration on all levels.

Being a channel for subtle energies and sound, she holds a deeply compassionate space and is heartfelt about empowering educating and coaching clients to greater health through self awareness and alignment. She believes in the individual and collective journey of raising our internal frequency to remember and connect to our own divine truth.

Nikki loves music, writing and all of nature’s wonders.

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